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At Ronara Exports, we take immense pride in curating premium-quality Sri Lankan products, showcasing the richness of our cultural heritage and the natural bounty of our island to the world. Our CEO and Founder, Ruwan Pradeep, possesses an MBA and a BSc. in Food Science & Nutrition, specialized in Applied Nutrition. With his wealth of experience in marketing and promoting food products through B2B & B2C channels, Ruwan ensures client satisfaction and success. 


Backing our digital prowess is Mihiri Nayani, our Technology & Management Expert. With extensive experience in ICT and management, Mihiri's tech-savvy approach empowers us to excel in the modern export industry. Holding an ICT Diploma and pursuing Public Management, her dedication to learning adds value to our smooth operations. Mihiri delivers cutting-edge solutions and effective communication, contributing significantly to Ronara Exports' success.


Together, Ruwan and Mihiri, with their visionary leadership, lead Ronara Exports towards a successful future, delivering top-notch services worldwide with trust and reliability. We are your trusted partner in showcasing the best of Sri Lanka to the global market.

Ronara Exports offers both private labeling and white labeling options
for your exported goods

Private Labeling

With private labeling services at Ronara Exports, we personalize the packaging and labeling of the products with your brand, providing a unique identity and exclusivity to your offerings. Tailor-made for your business, our private labeling option allows you to showcase the finest Sri Lankan spices as your own, building brand recognition and customer loyalty.

White Labeling

Choose our white labeling service at Ronara Exports to receive premium-quality spices, expertly sourced and packaged, without any branding. With a blank canvas, you can rebrand the products under your own label, enabling you to expand your product line effortlessly and cater to diverse market needs. Our white labeling solution empowers you to focus on marketing and sales, while we handle the quality and sourcing aspects.

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Experience the flavors of Sri Lanka

Ronara Cinnamon

Discover authentic aromatic Sri Lankan cinnamon sourced from lush lands, adding warmth to your culinary creations with its rich premium flavor.

Ronara Black Pepper

Discover the pungent allure of our Sri Lankan black Pepper, renowned for its high Piperine content, elevating your dishes to new levels of taste.

Ronara White Pepper

Sourced from Sri Lanka's finest farms, our white pepper offers a bold flavor, ideal for enhancing culinary creations globally.

Ronara Cloves

Embrace the warm, sweet flavor of our carefully sourced Cloves, adding an essence of delight to enrich your recipes and culinary creations.

Ronara Turmeric

Savor the vibrant color and health-promoting properties of our Turmeric, a golden spice that adds both charm and wellness to your dishes.

Ronara Cardamom

Indulge in the sweet and aromatic essence of our "Queen of Spices" Cardamom, a royal addition to both savory and sweet delights.